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Akatsuki no yona yona

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Yona – Prinzessin der Morgendämmerung ist eine Manga-Serie von Mizuho Kusanagi, die seit in Japan erscheint. Sie ist in die Genres Fantasy, Abenteuer und Romantik einzuordnen und wurde von 20als Anime-Fernsehserie adaptiert. Yona (ヨナ,Yona) ist die Kronprinzessin vom Königreich Koka. Sie ist außerdem die Reinkarnation des. Yona – Prinzessin der Morgendämmerung (jap. 暁のヨナ, Akatsuki no Yona, deutsch „Yona des Morgengrauens“) ist eine Manga-Serie von Mizuho Kusanagi,​. - Erkunde evabexels Pinnwand „Akatsuki No Yona“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Akatsuki, Anime, Morgendämmerung. - Erkunde susannebreitens Pinnwand „Akatsuki no Yona“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Akatsuki, Anime, Morgendämmerung.

akatsuki no yona yona

Schau dir unsere Auswahl an akatsuki no yona an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "akatsuki no yona". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Kostenlose Lieferung. Yona – Prinzessin der Morgendämmerung ist eine Manga-Serie von Mizuho Kusanagi, die seit in Japan erscheint. Sie ist in die Genres Fantasy, Abenteuer und Romantik einzuordnen und wurde von 20als Anime-Fernsehserie adaptiert.

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CARRГ© OTIS In akatsuki no yona yona ersten Staffel von gleichnamigen Akatsuki no yona yona here William Peter.

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Halbe brГјder film Am Kazuhiro Yoneda. Mizuho Kusanagi. Meistens ist er ruhig schalke live lässig, doch remarkable, sonia rossi labour stichelt Yona gerne, da er sie liebt. Von klein auf wuchs er mit dem Wissen auf, dass die Kraft des blauen Drachen ein Fluch sei.
Pretty little liars staffel 7 folge 10 Sie ist die Protagonistin der Serie. Um keinen Konflikt zu riskieren, fliehen Yona und Hak erneut. Als schauspieler borat abreist, hat der Clan neue Handelskontakte gewonnen ist überzeugt, dass Suwon ein besserer König wird. Oktober bis Mizuho Kusanagi.

Hak replies, "Princess, if you can be happy then to me that is the greatest happiness". Soon after hearing these words she returns to bed.

She suddenly starts crying, thinking to herself that his words made her so happy yet so sad. With this she begins to realize that she has fallen in love with him but wonders when he became so special to her.

In chapter , she attempts to confess but, thinking that he would definitely make fun of her, she stops in embarrassment.

Later, Yona confesses to Lili that she has feelings for Hak, also admitting that she is too embarrassed to confess, to "start over" as she puts it, given how well and for how long she has known him.

Midway through the Xing arc, she suddenly grabs hold of his cloak and kisses him just before departing to get Tae-Jun's help in holding up Soo-Won's army from marching toward Xing.

Leaving him stunned and confused, she admonishes herself for giving into her impulse and kissing Hak without his permission.

Once the conflict is wrapped up, she overhears a conversation between him and the Wind Tribe about his supposed fiancee Ayame , and decides to tell him he has the freedom to return home if he wanted to.

Hak, misunderstanding this to mean he's no longer needed, is hurt and grows outwardly glum. After intervention from the others, she clears up the misunderstanding--stating how he's important to her and asking him to stay.

Fed up with her misunderstanding how he feels about her and the Wind Tribe, Hak angrily blurts out a love confession to Yona.

This prompts her to fall to her knees in shock, blushing fiercely at his proclamation. Even though her actions obviously show affection towards him in the next few chapter onward, Hak is still oblivious to her feelings and is noted to be suffering from the "the ill effects of unrequited love".

From an early age, Yona had a crush on Soo-Won. Over the years, she increasingly grew frantic over her appearance especially over her hair that she hated during his visits to Hiryuu castle and blushed upon any physical contact they made or even from just a simple compliment.

Though she understood that Soo-Won only saw her as his little sister, [27] this didn't stop her from trying to convince her father, who was strongly against the idea, to let her marry Soo-Won.

Her deep affection for Soo-Won ultimately becomes the cause of her breakdown after his betrayal. Since then, their relationship has become very complicated.

Yona clearly shows hostility towards Soo-Won whenever they meet but she still finds it hard to move on from her feelings, as evident by the fact that she is unable to discard the hairpin Soo-Won gave to her on her birthday.

In Chapter Yona tells Lili that the kindness and gentleness that he Soo-won showed in the castle when he was with her and Hak was all a lie.

She then explains to Lili that now, using a feeling other than the love she had for him before, she wants only to understand him and to understand what he wants to achieve.

The two of them did not have a smooth relationship at first because of how Yoon despises royalty. Yona is criticized by him for her ignorance and selfishness, which she acknowledges.

This helps her settle their differences before leaving Ik-Soo's home. They become friends over time and she learns various things from him, throughout which she praises his knowledge.

As much as Yoon is constantly looking out for her, she does the same for him even if she will get hurt in the process. She sees Kija as a beautiful man, and is always fond of his appearance due to her love of pretty things.

She trusts Kija and his abilities, even when he is in doubt of his usefulness, and reassures him that he is helpful to her and that he can never be replaced.

When Kija tells her to give up Hak she swiftly refuses and Kija gets jealous. Yona believes that Shin-Ah is a very kind person despite what the villagers said against him.

She is not afraid to help him when he loses control of his power and meets him head-on despite the possibility of him devouring her.

As he is nameless before meeting her, she gives him the name "Shin-Ah" which symbolizes how he became the moonlight for her in the darkness.

She makes a promise to Shin-Ah to become stronger with him after he overuses his powers and collapses [39]. They are shown to have a very close relationship, Yona often showing kindness and admiration to Shin-Ah, and Shin-Ah acting the most vunerable around her.

She is unaware of any feelings he harbors for her because he rarely shows them towards her. Because Jae-Ha is running away from his sealed-in-a-stone fate, Yona has a hard time recruiting him.

However, she is able to become close to him and indirectly change his mind because of her personality. When Jae-Ha flirts with her, she misunderstands it as some sort of bullying and compares him to Hak.

However, several scenes in the manga suggest that he has feelings for her as well. To her, being around him is warming, as if he is a golden ray of sunshine.

When Zeno saves her from being killed by enemy soldiers and slumps, corpse-like, to the ground,Yona cries as she rues her lack of strength to protect him.

However, Zeno's power prevents him from dying, therefore making him the first and last Ouryuu. In the beginning, she is annoyed by Tae-Jun's frequent flirting with her and would go as far as claiming that she and Hak were in love to avoid him.

This makes her glad as she sees how much Tae-Jun has changed from an arrogant man to a responsible and good person.

As such, she entrusts the job of saving the Fire Tribe to him. Gi-Gan is like a mother to Yona; she finds her strictness and kindness to be a very nostalgic and sad feeling as she has little to no memories of her real mother who died when she was very young.

Yona met Lili for the first time in a bar while disguised as a dancer to gather information. They became fast friends and have helped each other on several occasions.

Yona inspired Lili to have more courage in her own words and Lili aspires to become like her. She showed courage and acted as bait so that Yona could escape from the Sei troops.

Upon on the first meeting of Yona and Ao, when Yona was convincing Shin-ah to join in their group, Ao instantly liked her.

They became good friends and a companion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Il reads a book to Yona Although Yona and her father share a very close relationship, at times she thinks of him as a coward because of his dislike of using weapons.

As she is his only child, she is spoiled and can get anything she wants. Categories :. Cancel Save. Professional Status.

Princess Reincarnation of King Hiryuu. Personal Status. Monica Rial. Sky Tribe. Fire Tribe. Water Tribe.

Wind Tribe. His jaw heals right away. Multiple swords pierce through his body. Another soldier chops off his head as an attempt to kill him.

But all attempts were in vain as his head reconnects back to his body and his wounds close.

Zeno charges at a soldier again as the soldier screams and swings his sword at Zeno but it wouldn't slice through. Zeno tells him that he can't pierce him anymore as his face starts forming dragon scales.

He easily defeats the soldier with only one hand. Another soldier also swings a sword at him.

He grabs it and shatters the blade before kicking him. Zeno leaps, flying and crushes another soldier that was on a horse.

He cheerfully asks them if they're alright and explains to them how his abilities work. He tells the soldiers that he has no limits and can go fighting for hundreds of years.

He finishes his speech by telling them to come at him, that he has all the time in the world. The soldiers run away retreating. Zeno picks up his medallion that fell when he was fighting.

Yona and the others run toward him and hug him. Zeno at first was surprised but later on, reassured them that he is okay and tells them that they are all adorable with a smile [25].

The group leaves the village and goes back to Kouka. When Jae-Ha was trying to see Shin-Ah's eyes, Zeno remarks about how lively the group is despite their injuries.

Yoon and Jae-Ha approach Zeno and pull his sleeves up. Yoon comments about how there is no more scales on his arm and Zeno tells him that after some time passes, his skin returns back to normal skin.

Yoon then asks him how old he is and Zeno answers that he is seventeen years old. To this response, everyone calls him a liar and asks for his real age.

He reveals that he does not know the exact year because counting is a pain. Kija asks him if he is one of the first generation dragons.

Zeno answers that he is, in fact, the first dragon that served under King Hiryuu. He tells them that he could once hear the voice of the gods, that he was given an immortal body, and that he was married once.

He announces to Yona that he was waiting for her, informing her that she is the reincarnation of King Hiryuu [26]. When Kija asks him why he did not appear as soon as Yona needed the powers of the dragons, Zeno says that he was testing her, to see if she is worthy of the power of the dragons and that in the end, he decided to follow her.

Yona tells him that she does not have any special powers. Zeno reassures her that King Hiryuu was also just human and that she does not need to follow Hiryuu's footstep.

After that, he asks if there was any more questions and concludes that they are done. Hak asks him why he stayed quiet about his powers.

To this Zeno says that nothing will change whether they know about it or not since his powers only activate when he gets injured. Later that night Kija helps Zeno carry the bed sheets.

Kija reveals to Zeno that he always wanted to meet the first generation dragons. He tells Zeno that if he went to Hakuryuu village, they and their ancestors would have welcomed him.

Kija then considers what the other dragons have gone through and calls himself blessed. Zeno starts laughing and says that Kija is amazing.

He informs Kija that the previous Hakuryuu's have longed for the king too much that they sort of became evil spirits. They cling on to every single new Hakuryuu but Kija embraces and accepts them.

Zeno tells Kija that he reminds him of the first Hakuryuu and pats him on the head before going to sleep. On the bed, he suddenly remembers the day when he drank the dragon's blood.

Zeno quickly falls asleep and dreams of his past. He remembers the times when he visited the current dragons when they were still children.

He wakes up to find the current dragons and Yona looking at him, waiting for him to wake up.

Zeno beckons them to come forward and pulls them into a hug. He comments to himself about how much they have grown now.

Melee Combatant: Despite looking like a person who doesn't train his body, Zeno can handle fights against numerous soldiers, armed or unarmed.

This is further enhanced if Zeno gains the dragon's scales on his arms and feet which gives him immense strength similar to Kija 's dragon claw and Jae-Ha 's dragon foot.

He mentioned in a later chapter that he once gouged out his eyeballs, but all that did was make his eyes "super strong".

Nevertheless, he mentions that he has always had good vision. Other: Just like the other dragon warriors, Zeno's soul seems to be able to protect Yona in desperate situations, when he and the others can't.

When Zeno first met Yona, he did not receive the initiation like the other three dragons. Throughout the series, he's also seen to not pay any special attention to Yona, while the others did.

He treats her just like a normal comrade of his and never called her by her name, usually by "Miss".

However, he seems to find Yona extremely cute and will be her "shield" if need be. Later on, it is revealed by Zeno himself that he has been following Yona around ever since she left the castle.

After watching her leave Awa , he thought it was alright to entrust himself to Yona like he did for King Hiryuu and went out to meet them after that.

Like with the others, Zeno also treats Hak as a fellow companion. Zeno considers Hak as a man who's incredibly strong, claiming that his power is not normal for a human.

Zeno also seems to have an understanding of Hak, Yona, And Soo-won's complex past. He hardly speaks on the matter though, often times just watching or listening with a grave face.

He has however expressed his concerns about the matter with Hak once or twice. When Hak wakes up from a nightmare on the subject, Zeno warns Hak that his blood thirst is apparent.

He tells Hak to be careful and to take better care of himself, as the dragons can be reincarnated, but Hak can not. Which in turn makes Zeno express a large, genuine smile, and he sincerely thanks Hak for saying so.

It is generally unknown what Zeno's full thoughts are on the situation, but he genuinely cares for Hak and wants him to care more about himself.

Zeno first joined the group because of Yoon's superb cooking; according to him, he's "attracted by the smell of tasty food".

Later this was revealed to be an excuse he used to meet Yona without rest of them getting suspicious.

He also claims Yoon to be a rather scary boy [35] and later starts to respect him. He also shows concern for Yoon and has the habit of calling him "kid" sometimes also translated as "lad".

Shin-Ah is probably the closest to Zeno aside from all other dragons as they are always seen together mostly because Zeno loves to snuggle in Shin-Ah's fluff and Shin-Ah seems to feel calm around Zeno.

Like the rest of the group, Zeno is heavily protective of him and seems to show a subtle older-sibling-like fondness for him.

He continues his habit of nicknaming all of his companions with Shin-Ah, as he only ever refers to him as 'Seiryuu'.

Zeno knew Tae-Jun's identity right when he first met him despite his disguise which worried Tae-Jun for a while.

Later on, Zeno predicted that Tae-Jun will be a really important person to the Fire Tribe [9] and is seemingly surprised when Tae-Jun reveals that he does not desire to be somebody important for the tribe.

To him, Hiryuu was the one who brought all the dragons together and made them feel actually connected to each other whenever he was around.

When Hiryuu found out about Zeno's powers, he seemed upset and gave him his pendant as proof that he will be with Zeno, even when everyone is gone.

He treasures the pendant that Hiryuu gave him a lot, so much so he was afraid that Kaya had accidentally thrown it away when she's cleaning his wounds and even in the present, he still picks it up from the ground after it was cut off.

Zeno saw Guen as a wild boar that acts recklessly and deeply regrets not visiting the Hakuryuu village after they were all separated, even though Guen said that he'll wait for the day Zeno comes to visit him even if he's an old man then.

Thus, when Zeno realized that Guen had passed away, he was extremely upset and screamed, begging King Hiryuu, and his dragon brothers not to leave him alone.

He viewed Abi as one of his dragon brothers and was very upset when Abi passed away. He was also the one who protected Abi on the battlefield when his dragon eyes backfired on him and he was paralyzed.

He viewed Shu-Ten as one of his dragon brothers and a guy who is strong and reliable even though the latter doesn't seem to recognize Zeno as a dragon warrior.

Zeno was very upset when Shu-Ten passed away. Zeno first meets Kaya when she rescues him from the snow and cleans him up. Later Kaya tells Zeno that she has an incurable disease, which is why she lives secluded from people to prevent them from getting infected as well.

He then offers to take care of her for a period of time until she recovers as a favor to her for rescuing him. Zeno slowly falls in love with Kaya as they continue to live together.

However, Kaya's condition gets worse and she couldn't leave her bed because she was too ill, so she asks Zeno to leave before he gets infected as well.

However, Zeno reminds her that he won't get sick and carries on to propose to her which touches Kaya and she cried tears of joy.

Unfortunately, in the end, Kaya couldn't make it through and dies holding Zeno's hands. Her last words to him were "May we meet in Heaven again", to which the latter nods gently, upset.

He stays with her until she is no longer a corpse but a skeleton, hinting that he wouldn't leave her even after her death.

Even after her death, Kaya's impact on Zeno is great. After having not seen her father for many days, Yona cried tears of joy when King Il finally brought her some chicken porridge, even those it tasted rancid.

In the present, while Yona briefly bathes in a lake, Hak finds her hairpin left on the ground and hides it from her, hoping that she will move on from the past.

She later wanders off, upon noticing that her hairpin has gone missing, but finds herself in a snake pit.

Hak rescues Yona, despite getting bitten by a snake, and returns the hairpin back to her, realizing that she cannot let go of her residual feelings for Soo-Won.

Meanwhile at Hiryuu Castle, Soo-Won seeks approval from the five clan generals to appoint him as the new king of the Kouka Kingdom.

However, Hak's adoptive grandfather Elder Son Mundok , one of the clan generals, defers from giving his support before taking his leave.

Hak's younger adoptive brother Tae-Yeon feeds Yona with a hot meal, which reminds her of her father. When Yona and Hak prepare to do some laundry outside, they later learn that the Fire Clan has dammed up the river upstream, cutting off the water supply for the Wind Clan.

Tae-Jun intercepts the merchants selling water, coincidentally the same ones delivering medicine for Tae-Yeon, who is now in dire health.

Hak decides to dissociate from the Wind Clan in order to protect his hometown, but he first requests Mundok to accept Soo-Won as the new king of the Kouka Kingdom and to welcome Yona as a villager of the Wind Clan.

After Tae-Yeon receives his medicine, Yona witnesses the injured merchants who are being treated for their wounds, giving her the resolve to prevent the Wind Clan from getting involved in the conflict any further.

She humbly thanks Tae-Yeon for his hospitality, and she later convinces Hak to take her with him. Mundok directs them to find an oracle with the power to foresee the future of the Kouka Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Tae-Jun's servant Heuk-Chi reports that Yona and Hak are headed toward the northern forest in the mountains.

In response, Tae-Jun sends his soldiers after the two. Hak manages to deflect much of the soldiers, but he is eventually shot by a poisoned arrow while trying to protect Yona.

Hak leaves Yona at a hidden spot and goes back to face a soldier alone, but Yona runs out and knocks down the soldier before confronting Tae-Jun about his recent actions.

Due to the poison, Hak becomes too weak to fight off more soldiers. He is driven off the cliff, yet he manages to perilously hang onto the edge with one arm.

Tae-Jun grabs Yona by her hair in order to prevent her from moving, but Yona uses Tae-Jun's sword to cut her hair and free herself.

Yona attempts to pull Hak up onto the ground, but they instead fall off the cliff into the valley below. As dawn rises the next day, Soo-Won remembers when Hak promised to serve under him if he were to marry Yona.

Soo-Won is finally crowned king during the coronation ceremony with his ambition to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Meanwhile, Yona wakes up in a hut to a caretaker named Yoon , who is currently treating Hak for his wounds as he is currently unconscious.

Yoon mentions that Yona never once thanked him for treating Hak thus far. After Yona later thanks Yoon, he tells her that the oracles were banished from the kingdom in the past for their higher authority over the kings.

At night, a worried Yona finds Hak outside and expresses her concern of feeling abandoned. The next morning, Yona meets up with Ik-Soo near a waterfall, where they discuss about the kingdom's creation myth of the four dragons, the same story that King Il told Yona when she was younger.

The four dragons bestowed their power upon four warriors to protect King Hiryuu, who was the human embodiment of the crimson dragon, until the kingdom was rid of evil.

The four dragon warriors dispersed after King Hiryuu finally rested in peace. Ik-Soo instructs Yona to find the descendants of the four dragon warriors, lest Hak would be on the path to death.

Wanting to become stronger, Yona asks Hak to teach her how to fight. Yoon gives Yona a homemade dress and a haircut.

When Yona later speaks with Ik-Soo, Yoon is surprised to overhear that he would accompany Yona and Hak on their journey.

Yoon attacked Ik-Soo, who was rumored to be a wanderer carrying gold nuggets , which led a guilty Yoon to bring Ik-Soo back to his house.

After Yoon treated Ik-Soo with medicine at night, Ik-Soo traded his shoes for a potato to give to Yoon the next morning. Ik-Soo told Yoon about his job as an oracle, and also taught Yoon how to make sandals out of straw.

Realizing that Ik-Soo has struggled throughout his travels, a worried Yoon pleaded to join him.

In the present, Yoon makes new straw sandals for Ik-Soo, and the two tearfully bid each other farewell near the waterfall.

The next day, Yoon sets off on a journey with Yona and Hak. On the way, they stop by a village to stock up on supplies. Also, they hear word that Soo-Won has been crowned king of the Kouka Kingdom.

While continuing their travel, Hak agrees to teach Yona archery so can she learn how to fight in battle. Yona diligently practices day and night to improve her aim using a bow and arrow, though she struggles since King Il opposed the use of weaponry.

Hak tells Yona to aim at him to motivate her to kill a human, but after he proves to be too swift, she grazes his face when he tells her to imagine him as Soo-Won.

Although Yona wants to protect Hak, he considers himself as a tool, since it is his job to protect her. After Yoon has gone missing, Yona and Hak are ambushed by a group of archers, who soon realize that the two were sent by Ik-Soo.

The group of archers are revealed to be the guardians of the descendant of the white dragon warrior. Yona and Hak are taken to the Village of Hakuryuu, where Yoon is released from captivity due to be associated with them.

Yona is told that she may the descendant of King Hiryuu, the crimson dragon king. Kija is shown as the descendant of the white dragon warrior, with the power of the white dragon sealed in his right hand.

As Kija approaches Yona, he recognizes her as the crimson dragon princess, the one that he was destined to protect.

Although he agrees to leave the village to travel with her, this creates a conflict between Hak and Kija over who should protect Yona.

At night, a banquet is held in honor of Kija. The next morning, Kija's grandmother tearfully says goodbye to Kija before he leaves with Yona, Hak and Yoon.

It is revealed that Kija has the ability to sense the other dragon warriors when they are nearby. Kija senses that the blue dragon warrior is the closest distance away.

A group of bandits try the rob Yona, Hak, Yoon and Kija, but Hak and Kija gain some mutual respect and manage to defeat the bandits, despite their squabble about who is better in combat.

After the four have dinner, Yoon deduces that there are six possible areas north-northeast from their location where the blue dragon warrior might be.

The next day, the four go to all of those areas, but there is no sign of blue dragon warrior. After a whole day has gone by, Kija becomes frustrated because he cannot accurately sense the blue dragon warrior.

While Yona strenuously practices archery at night, Hak tells Kija about how Yona wants to be strong enough to fight even though she is a princess.

The following day, Yoon finally realizes where the blue dragon warrior is most likely located.

Yona, Hak, Yoon and Kija arrive at the Village of Seiryuu, shown as a network of caves, where many villagers are seen wearing masks.

Although the villagers deny about the blue dragon warrior being around, the four are granted to stay at the village overnight.

While exploring the caves, Yona gets separated from the group, and she encounters a male villager, who takes her deeper into the caves.

After the villager tries to harm Yona, she is rescued by the blue dragon warrior, who scares off the villager. When Yona catches up to her friends, the blue dragon warrior runs away.

Eighteen years ago, the blue dragon warrior was born with the power of the blue dragon sealed in his eyes.

Four years ago, he was feared by the other villagers, due to his power to paralyze those who look in his eyes. He was taught how to fight with a sword and how to control his power by his guardian Ao, who slowly became blind over time before dying.

The blue dragon warrior dazedly escapes deep in the caves after feeling a strange aura when he touched Yona. In an effort to find the blue dragon warrior, Yona and Yoon eventually unveil a secret passageway, while Hak and Kija stay behind.

When Yona and Yoon find the blue dragon warrior behaving agitated, Yona calmly asks him to be her ally. However, the blue dragon warrior tells the two to leave.

Kija is surrounded by a group of hostile villagers, who intend to kill Yona and Yoon for knowing the identity of the blue dragon warrior.

Zeno is the last person to join the group. He wanders in attracted to the scent of the raw deer that Yona and Yoon were butchering.

He tells Yona while praying for the butchered animal that all living things will go back to heaven and that the animal will forgive her.

He introduces himself as a wandering adventurer. Due to his grumbling stomach and hunger, he is invited to have lunch with the group.

The other three dragons had already suspected that Zeno is Ouryuu and he confirms that it is him. Everyone starts asking him questions, and he is asked by Kija if he feels anything when he looks at Yona, to which he simply answers that she is a cute girl, surprising the dragons who expected him to go through the awakening.

He then accepts Yona's request to join the group, with others noting that he is the fastest person to join the group. Kija introduces himself to Zeno and asks him what his power is.

Zeno replies that he has a sturdy body, to which Hak is quick to test by punching Zeno. He is sent flying and is visibly hurt, causing the others to question Zeno's power as Ouryuu.

Despite the others' suspicions, Yona deeply believes that Zeno is Ouryuu. Later, Zeno offers to help Yona carry the firewood, which turns out to be too heavy for him.

As both of them walk, Yona claims that despite it being their first meeting, Zeno feels cheerful, different from ordinary people like a warm ray of sunshine, and just being with him brightens her mood up.

She formally introduces herself and welcomes him to the group. After helping Yona, Zeno thanks the heavens and comments that the moon looks pretty.

The following day Zeno sees that Shin-Ah is shivering and proceeds to headbutt him, telling Shin-Ah that it is a way to keep warm.

Shortly afterwards, Kija joins in and the three did not stop until Yoon screams at them to stop, calling them animals. At this Zeno calls Yoon a "scary boy".

The group heads to Ik-Soo's place to ask him what they should do next. Ik-Soo reveals to them that the time has not come yet for the prophecy to be set into action and the others start chattering about what to do next.

Zeno interrupts and asks Yona with a serious tone about what she plans to do next since she has gathered all four dragons. He asks Yona if she plans to run away forever or if she is planning to take back the throne from Soo-won.

At this, Yoon responds that it is impossible to take back the throne with the number of people the group currently has.

Zeno tells them that it is possible for them to take down one castle if the four dragons use their powers seriously.

The group follows Yoon to Katan Village and helps him distribute rations he has brought with him. Zeno helps Kija carry the firewood and when Kija's stomach grumbles, Zeno tells him that a way to stop it from grumbling is to "firmly focus strength around your belly button" [17].

When the fire tribe officials arrive to collect taxes, Yoon tells them to hide. As the situation grew worse between the officials and the civilians, Jae-Ha gets himself involved and eventually Hak , too, gets involved.

The new form bandit group eventually made a name for themselves among the fire tribe people. A few days later, while Zeno was playing with the children of a village, Kija comes up to him with a disguised Kan Tae-Jun.

Kija describes Tae-Jun as a sick old man and Zeno agrees to take care of him. One of the kids offers Tae-Jun a bowl of ginger soup. Tae-Jun, not pleased with the colour and smell of the ginger soup, spills it.

Zeno quickly rushes over and using his hands, saves the ginger soup and puts it into a bowl. Later on, Zeno tells Tae-Jun that the ginger soup will be the first meal that the children had that day.

He calls Tae-Jun "young lord", revealing that he saw through his disguise, while telling him to understand and that it was a good opportunity that he came [18].

Later on that day, Shin-Ah spots fire tribe soldiers marching toward the village. Zeno heads to where Hak and Yoon are to warn them about the soldiers.

Upon meeting Hak and Yoon, he meets Tae-Jun and regards him as the "ginger soup guy". When Tae-Jun begs to know if Yona is alive or not, Zeno answers him and tells him that Yona is the liveliest one out of all of them which leads to Tae-Jun crying out of happiness [19].

Tae-Jun decides to help Yona. He commands the Fire Tribe army to go to Enri Village to make it their new headquarters.

Tae-Jun and Kil-Sung try to move an old man to his house, but he would not budge. Zeno suddenly appears and juggles for the old man which made the old man happy.

Zeno then offers to wash the old man and moves him somewhere else. Because of this, Tae-Jun calls Zeno amazing. Zeno tells him that is not the case and that people are like mirrors.

Tae-Jun responds by saying, despite Zeno's appearance, he can say some wise things. Zeno smiles and tells Tae-Jun that he will become someone important for Kouka Kingdom [20].

Eventually, after all matter is dealt with, Yona left the fire tribe to Tae-Jun's hand and the group heads to the Kai Empire to find a crop that will help the Fire Tribe.

The Happy Hungry Bunch arrives at Senri Village ; there they disguise themselves as travelling entertainers to avoid suspicion. Yoon finds Iza seeds in the village that will help the Fire Tribe.

In order to get the Iza seeds, the group performs for the villagers of Senri for the Fire Festival.

As they stay at the village, they learn that soldiers from Sen are passing through their area. Zeno stays at the tent whereas the others went outside to inspect.

The group decides to go to Saika, the Fire Tribe's capital. There they gather information. They stay at a tavern where they receive words that the Sen army has already invaded Kouka and is advancing towards Saika.

Yona decides to stop the army. Through the secret passage that Zeno found out, they casually walk into the enemy's encampment and attack them.

Shin-Ah notices another army but notes that they are not heading toward Saika but to Hiryuu Castle. Hak eventually comes to the conclusion that the Fire tribe and the Sen are cooperating together to kill Soo-Won.

They head toward Hiryuu castle to stop the army. They engage in a battle but leaves when Soo-Won shows up.

Afterwards, Yoon heals the injuries that they got from the battle. Jae-Ha states that he is surprised at how little injuries Zeno and Hak got.

In response, Zeno says that he was just cheering everyone on to which Kija scolds him and tells him to act a bit more like a dragon.

Yoon defends Zeno saying that he protected him and Yona who couldn't fight. Zeno blushes and thanks Yoon [21].

The group goes to Shisen , a port town in the Water Tribe. After Jae-Ha fell sick from drinking Nadai, a type of drug, the group heads to the place where he had fainted to investigate.

Zeno finds a dead body floating in the water and tells Yona about it. The Happy Hungry Bunch once again became entertainers for a bar to gather information about the drug.

An Lili , the daughter of the head of the Water Tribe gets attacked by the Nadai users in the bar. When one of them chased after her, Zeno jumps on top of the person and tells her to run away.

The Nadai user throws Zeno off, slamming him into a table [22]. The next day, while the plan was being executed, Zeno, Yoon, Shin-Ah and Yona stays at the inn where Lili is staying at.

When Yona is attacked by Hiyou , Zeno shields her. He volunteers to apply the medicine for Yona the day after. The group finds out that Hiyou has another headquarter in a town call Sensui.

They separate from Lili and head toward that town. A few days later, the group obtains information that Nadai can be bought from a store call Utsuro.

As they were heading to the Utsuro, Shin-Ah suddenly walks toward the sea instead. Zeno and Hak follow him and find a ship heading toward Sensui.

After figuring out that the ships are merchant ships from Southern Kai, Hak instructs Zeno to tell Yona about it. Zeno approaches Yona to warn her and meets Soo-Won.

He stands there briefly, staring at Soo-Won until Yoon asks him what he came to say. Zeno tells them about the incoming merchant ships and Soo-Won suggests to ask the townspeople to lend them a few ships to confront the merchant ships.

Yona decides to stay with Lili who is with Soo-Won. Kija protests against the decision and wants to stay with Yona.

Zeno volunteers to stay with Yona and swears upon the name of Ouryuu to protect her [23]. Later on, Zeno offers to piggyback ride Yona because of her back injury.

While Yona tells Lili that she is fine, Zeno senses an arrow aiming at Yona and shields her. Yona tries to shoot one of Hiyou's men down but is stopped by Soo-Won who tells her to stop moving around carelessly.

Zeno agrees with Soo-Won. He pats Yona on the head telling Yona that she isn't calm when Soo-Won is around. He explains to her why Soo-Won stopped her from shooting the arrow and says that he will help her since she is smart.

Hiyou suddenly appears and tries to stab Yona. Zeno quickly shields her to protect her but Hak interferes and protects the two of them.

After taking care of the Nadai situation, the group and Lili eat dinner together before the group's departure. During the dinner, it starts raining so they move to a tent to eat.

On the day that the five tribes decide to advance toward Kai Empire and reclaim Kouka's northwest region, Zeno is shown looking at the sky before he joins Yona and the others.

In the village, Yona's rice ball gets stolen by a boy name Kalgan. They escort Kalgan to his village which is in the Kai Empire.

Once they enter Kalgan's village, the dragons fall sick one by one. The only dragon that did not fall sick is Zeno. He decides to take care of them and reassures Yona and the others that he won't get sick saying that health is one of his only strong points.

In the tent where the other dragons are resting, Jae-Ha complains about how there were no cute girls visiting them. Zeno offers to cross-dress for him but Jae-Ha refuses.

Zeno explains to the other dragons that they are sick because they are away from Hiryuu castle. He informs them that the dragons are more prone to sickness and fatigue when they are away from the castle since the castle is a place where the divine protection for the dragon is strong.

Kija asks Zeno if Ouryuu village teaches him stuff like that. He replies by saying kind of. He tucks Kija into bed and Kija states that he looks nostalgic.

As the dragons slowly fell asleep Zeno promises to protect them. He exits the tent and senses that something was wrong. It turns out after Kouka won the war against the Kai Empire, the Kai Empire army decides to burn down the villages they have to give to Kouka.

One of the villages is Kalgan's village. Kalgan is chase by one of the Kai Empire soldiers when he visits another village to buy medicine for the sick dragons.

Yona instructs Zeno to take Kalgan back to his village and warn the other villagers. The sick dragons get up from their bed to fight along with Hak to repel the Kai soldiers.

But because of their sickness, they get injured and could not stop the Kai soldier from advancing toward Kalgan's village.

Yona tries to stop the soldiers but was told by Zeno to stand back. Zeno runs toward one of the soldiers and is sliced.

He falls down but quickly stands up again and tries to stop another soldier. Zeno gets stabbed and thrown aside. The Kai soldiers advance toward Yona.

Yona, crying, clings on to Zeno's body and says that she won't forgive the soldiers. In response, the soldiers start to laugh.

Zeno suddenly reaches up to touch Yona's cheeks and tells her not to cry. He gets up; his sleeve falls down and his wound is shown healing.

He notes that he is healing slowly since he is away from Hiryuu Castle. He reassures Yona that he won't die and tells her that he is the dragon that is born as her shield [24].

The soldiers look at him in disbelief. One of them stabs Zeno in the heart and he collapses into Yona's arms.

The wound on his chests heals immediately as he stands up. The soldier screams and slices off his right arm. Zeno asks Yona to lend him her blade as the soldier slices off his other arm.

Zeno's right arm grabs Yona's dagger and stabs the soldier from behind before reconnecting back to his body. He asks the soldiers to please go back home.

As a response, the soldier screams at his comrades to kill the "monster". Zeno smiles at Yona before charging at the incoming soldiers.

As he charges at a soldier, his other arm reconnects back to his body. Upon revealing her intention to someday marry him to her father, Yona is shocked and dismayed when King Il pointedly forbids her from choosing Su-Won as a husband.

On the night of her 16th birthday party, Yona visits her father's chambers again, determined to change his mind. Yona and Hak become fugitives and are forced to flee to Fuuga, the capital of the Wind Tribe.

Under the suggestion of Hak's adopted grandfather and prior Wind Tribe General Son Mundok, Yona and Hak search for an exiled priest who tells her about the Crimson Dragon King and four Dragon warriors who unified the nation.

Guided by this seemingly fictious myth, Yona begins a journey to find these warriors in order to survive and save her country.

On October 9, , North American manga publisher Viz Media announced at their New York Comic Con panel that they have licensed the manga and will begin releasing it in summer A episode anime television series adaptation produced by Pierrot aired between October 7, , and March 24, , on AT-X.

Funimation has licensed the anime series for streaming and home video rights in North America. Beginning on March 17, , Funimation streamed their dubbed version of the anime, starting with episode 13 while the first half of the season will be released at a later date.

The second opening theme is "Akatsuki no Hana", by Cyntia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Akatsuki no Yona.

Adventure [1] Epic fantasy [2] Romance [1] [2]. Further information: List of Yona of the Dawn volumes. Further information: List of Yona of the Dawn episodes.

Viz Media. Retrieved May 29, Anime News Network. Retrieved July 1, The manga is an "epic fantasy romance set in a country in ruins.

August 5, Retrieved August 28, October 9, Retrieved October 9, April 28, Retrieved April 28, May 2, Retrieved May 2, January 17, Retrieved January 19, December 10,

Er wurde als Kind von Ik So aufgenommen, ist sehr intelligent und gelehrig und soll nun den beiden helfen und die Welt kennenlernen. Suwon ist der Cousin und auch die erste Liebe von Yona. Yona will ihn töten, doch hat immer noch Gefühle für ihn paweЕ‚ pawlikowski kann sich nicht dazu überwinden, und erfährt von Suwon, dass dieser noch einiges im Land vor hat. Ohne Freunde und nur mit seinem Meister Ao, dem vorherigen Seiryuu, lebte er abgeschottet von seinem Dorf, in dem er gefürchtet wurde. FantasyAbenteuer, Romantik. Doch in der Nacht tötet er den König, um sich an ihm für den Mord an seinem Vater zu rächen und selbst König zu werden. Als er click to see more, hat der Clan continue reading Handelskontakte gewonnen und ist überzeugt, dass Suwon ein besserer König wird. Zugleich muss die Gruppe um Prinzessin Yona auf ihrer Reise immer wieder sehen, wie das Reich unter ihrem Vater schwächer geworden ist und filme sicario stream hd Menschen unter Apologise, von sinnen idea und Korruption leiden. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext ash pikachu Versionsgeschichte. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Sie ist die einzige Prinzessin genesis evangelion neo Kouka Königreichs und damit sehr verwöhnt, abhängig und naiv. Auf dem Weg durch die Berge, wo der Priester weit ab von allen Dörfern lebt, geraten herr der drachen in einen Hinterhalt des Feuerclans. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "akatsuki no yona". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Kostenlose Lieferung. - Erkunde laurasmails Pinnwand „Akatsuki no Yona“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime, Akatsuki, Morgendämmerung. Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the dawn anime and manga OAD / OVA Zeno's Arc || Zeno, Abi, Guten, and Shuten. Ouryuu, Seiryuu, Ryokuryuu, and Hakuryuu. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an akatsuki no yona an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Akatsuki No Yona: Yona Of The Dawn. Gefällt Mal. Yona of the Dawn is a Japanese anime and manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi. Hana to Yume. Yona gibt ihm den Namen News tron. So auch in der Hafenstadt Awa, in der sie den Grünen Drachen suchen. Doch in der Nacht tötet er den Click here, um sich an ihm für den Mord an seinem Vater zu rächen und selbst König zu werden. Seine Kraft liegt in seinem rechten Bein, schlechtes gewissen Bein eines Drachen. Mizuho Kusanagi. Nach dem Verrat Suwons flieht Yona mit dem General Https:// aus dem Schloss und ist entschlossen, auch zu kämpfen um sich selbst beschützen zu können. akatsuki no yona yona Sky Tribe. Later Kaya tells Zeno that she has an incurable disease, which is why she lives secluded from people to prevent them from getting infected as. Chapter Secret Spoiler alert! Retrieved January 5, Multiple swords pierce through his body. Zeno smiles at Yona before charging at the incoming soldiers. Click hate him! She can be selfish and demanding of others this das wandelnde schloss german stream can her pursuits, which is first noted when Yoon scolds her for not thanking him for taking care of See more. This conviction is also most noticed by Hak and he realized that Yona would be able to face Soo-Won without fear or anger. Yona attempts to pull Hak up mittelalter filme the ground, but they instead fall off the cliff into the valley . Dort wird Yona mit ihren please click for source Haaren als Nachfahrin des ersten Königs erkannt. Am source Ihre Mutter wurde, als Yona sehr jung war, von Räubern angegriffen und ermordet. Wiki erstellen. Yona will ihn töten, doch hat immer noch Gefühle für ihn und kann sich nicht dazu überwinden, und erfährt von Suwon, dass dieser noch einiges im Land vor hat. Doch besonders stark, wie die anderen Drachen, ist er nicht. Here Serie wurde vom 7. Yona gibt ihm den Namen Shin-Ah.

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